Finite element analysis and structural optimization design of aluminum


In the world's energy shortage, environment pollution serious today, people is higher and higher demand for tankers, hope it can not only satisfy the security requirements of the various complex conditions, and hope the tanker has many characteristics, such as environmental protection, emission reduction, reduce the cost, therefore, oil tank truck lightweight design is becoming more and more urgent. The use of new technology, new process, new materials is the main way to improve the competitiveness of products. CAE technology can not only shorten the development cycle of products, reduce the development cost, but also effectively improve the quality of products, which is an effective guarantee for products in the market competition. UG software was used to study the three-dimensional modeling of the designed aluminum alloy tank semi truck, and MD Nastran software was used to analyze its strength and stiffness, and various performance parameters of the tank truck were obtained. In order to further reduce the mass, the topology optimization of the frame and the size optimization of the tank were studied. The results of optimization analysis show that the structure optimization is feasible and effective, and the reasonable distance between the traction pin and the center of the rear axle of the aluminum alloy tank semi-trailer is obtained by analysis and calculation. It lays a foundation for the further research of aluminum alloy tank semi truck.

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