3 axles fuel tanker semi trailers are ready for shipment to the middle east country


40000L 40KL 3 axles fuel tanker semi trailers with 4-6 compartments,fuwa 13t axles,jost 3.5 inch king pin,19 inch landing gear,double coin 12R22.5 tires


Model: JPT9400GYY
Length: 11,600mm
Width: 2,500mm
Height: 3,860mm
Kingpin Location: 950mm from the front face of the front bolster
Axle Spacer: 6,600mm + 1,310mm + 1,310mm
Landing Gear Location: 2,500mm from the kingpin center to the landing gear
Payload: 40,000Kg
Tare Weight: Approx. 11,500Kg.
G.V.W.R: Approx. 51,500Kg 
Volume: 40,000L + 5% Vapor 
Compartment: 9 (6-4-6-4-2-6-2-6-4)
Tank Body & Dish End: Carbon Steel Q345B, Thickness: 5mm,&Thickness: 6mm
Compartment Plate: Carbon Steel Q345B, Thickness: 5mm
Design Standard: Straight Cylinderical Tank.
Bottom Safety Valve: JIALONG, 9 Pcs. (One 4" pneumatical emergency valve per compartment - EURO; One 4"x3" Gravity Adaptor with sight glass per compartment; One 4" API Valve and dust cover per compartment
Combination Switch: JIALONG, Air Operated, 1 Sets
Emergency Switch: Factory Standard, with cover box, 2 Pcs.
Discharge Valve:  4", Discharge Valves are angled at approximately 5 Degrees downward.
Discharge Pipe:
API Reduction Connector:  3"
Discharge Hose: 3"
Manhole: JIALONG, 20inches, Aluminum, 9 pcs., with Anti- Theft design. With braath Valve
Capacity Indicators: Factory Standard, 9 Pcs.
Oil Water Separator: Factory Standard, 1 Pc.
Working Pressure: 0.2 Mpa
Test Pressure: 0.3 Mpa
Welding Standard:  All welding are to be done by qualified welder per applicable national standard. X-Ray checking.
Painting: Shot blast at SA 2.5 prior to application of primer, polyurethane top coat. Total DFT not less than 100um.
Running Gear:
Kingpin: JOST, KZ1012-50, 2 inches Bolted Type
Suspension: FUWA Brand Mechanical Suspension with 10 pcs Leaf Spring: 13mm Thinkness x 90mm Width.
Axle: FUWA 150x150 Square Beam Axle, 3Pcs.*13 Ton Capacity
Brake System: Dual line Pneumatic Brake, with Hose & Connector.
ABS System: 4S/2M
Brake Chamber: T30/30 Spring Brake System on 2 Axles
Air Tank: 50L, 2Pcs.
Emergency Relay Valve: WABCO BRAND
Rim: 9.0-22.5,  10 Holes ISO, 14 Pcs. (Included 2 Spare Tires)
Tire:  AEOLUS 12R22.5, 14 Pcs. (Included 2 Spare Tires)
Landing Gear:  JOST E100 Two Speed Telescopic manual landing gear
Electrical System:
Voltage: 24V
Receptacle: 7 Way Socket
Front Marker Lamp: LED Lights, included Front Marker Lamp, Side Marker Lamp, Turn Signal Lamp, Rear Lamp. Electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame.
Reflector: Triangle Reflector, Red Color
Common Line Discharge Valve: Carbon Steel pipe with 4"  Discharge Valve, included a 3" or 2.5" Adaptor
Fire Extinguisher: 10 Kgs. Type, 2 Sets.
Mud Guard: Rubber mud guard with brush
Walkway: YELLOW Colour, Anti-Slip Painting.
Handrail: 800mm Height, Pneumatic Controlling
Wheel Stopper: 2 Pcs.
Spare Wheel Carriers: Q345, 2 Pcs.
Fender: Black Plastic Type, with Brush, 6 Pcs.
Rail: Pneumatic Control Hand Rail, Both Side, Aluminum Type
Tool Box: 800mm Length, 2 Pcs.
Pipe: One Piece of 4" Diameter*6m length pipe each tank, for customer use.
Ladder: Carbon Steel Type, Front Design
Bumper: 1 Set Rear Bumper, 1 Set Rear Secondary Bumper, 1 Set Side under Run, 

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