5 Units HOWO Dump Trucks shipment to the South America



Model: ZZ3257V3857B1R      

Made Year: Brand New, 2024    

Cabin: HW76, long cabin, one sleeper, with air conditioner

Engine: WP12.400E201,400hp, Euro II, 11.6 L displacement, inline six-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, inter-cooled turbocharged

Maximum engine output:294KW    

Engine speed rating:1900rpm        

Maximum engine torque:1920N.m   

Gearbox: HW19710 , manual, 10 F & 2 R, with HW50 PTO

Maximum input torque of gearbox:1900N.m

Gearbox rated speed:2600rpm    

Front axle: STR                    

Rear axle: 2*16000kg                    

Tires: 12.00R20, 11 pcs(including one spare tire)

Fuel tank: 300L, aluminum material with lockable cap

Tipping body: inner size 5800*2300*1500mm, thickness of floor: 8mm, thickness of side walls: 6mm, Rear door open,Hydraulic front overhead lifting system

Overall size: 8600x2550x3550 mm      

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