What are the characteristics of 3 axis Fuwa semi trailer?


The 3-axle Fuwa semi-trailer is a trailer with the axle positioned behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and equipped with coupling devices to transfer horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Semi-trailer is generally a three-axis semi-trailer, and its types are divided into 11 meters store-bar semi-trailer, 13 meters store-bar, low plate semi-trailer and many other types. It is a heavy transport vehicle connected to a semi-locomotive by a traction pin.

Compared with the "single type" automobile, the 3 axis Fuwa semi truck can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of road transportation. Transportation efficiency can be improved by 30-50%, cost can be reduced by 30-40%, and fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%. More importantly, the use of semi trailer can also promote the organization form of our country's logistics to a certain extent.